Our Story


Our love for Africa sparked our interest in many of the unique treasures that it holds. We decided to start Acacia Fieldwear™ which manufactures, sources and markets truly indigenous items for enthusiasts for African city, field and country conditions – those who are born to explore and love the wild.

Our continent is a diverse and inspiring place and if one spares the time to delve into its rich and diverse heritage one comes across a compelling patchwork pattern, thousands of years old which integrates both the incredible natural environment (landscapes, animals, vegetation, urban and rural ‘spread’ and the interaction of humans in their various settings and cultural diversity acquired through their own experiences and evolution).

In our exploration of the environment we have a unique bond with the Weimaraner dogs that we like to take with us and with which we have such a close relationship.

It is for a good reason that dogs are known to have had the longest symbiotic relationship with human beings of any domesticated animal, stretching back over 40,000 years, and it is largely as a result of the interaction between them in the wild that the relationship has formed such a strong bond (one only has to look at the hunter gatherer to understand this).

Our dogs have been our companions in this venture of ours.

We love Africa

Brash attempts are sometimes made to commercialise and popularise a perception of what Africa supposedly is.

While savouring our exciting lives in Africa we strive to cultivate a sensitivity towards all people and their origins. This has evolved as a result of the way in which they interact with their environment. The environment has moulded them and in turn impacts on the way in which they have interacted with one another and has an indelible effect on the way we are today.

We like to wear and make use of uniquely African clothing and accessories which in themselves are stunning to look at and bind us inextricably to this continent.

Africa provides through its diversity a unique perspective on lifestyle and fashion through the various cultural inputs that it has. Because of the nature of this continent, which is at times hard and robust, fashion items have also to be strong and durable.

Items include garments made from authentic African cloth (Shweshwe), locally handcrafted leather handbags and leatherwear with traditional African tribal beadwork.
These items are made to be as durable and as colourful, intricate and evocative as the continent itself. They are made with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

In the rich world of tribal life there are various forms of communication. The obvious one is verbal communication, but there are other more subtle ways of communicating which in some tribal cultures include communication through beadwork and the colours reflected in the beadwork.

In following our life-style we are intensely aware that there are many deserving causes on this continent – Africa.